Well we were miles away from home,
and your whilstling tone would sooth my ear
and my old soul.
With your arm wrapped under me,
preventing us from sleep.
I whispered I'll love you, for all time.

Let's talk about facts,
the very best moment we have,
or times that we listen to all our fear
are reminders of years that we had been without.
Let's ponder on that and what we have,
before I get carried away with myself.

Sweat drips from quivered lips
and tied tongues forgive what we have done.
I will not forget this moment.

While I'm happy that you're not sad.
I'm hard pressed to turn back.
No emails or calls compare to lying in your arms.
For the longest of time,
I had wondered if I might,
recall the point at which love took control of us.

You care, just enough.
It's typical, now things are rough.
You stump me with a smile, a turn, a gentle touch,
I'm remorse to have thought we
could ever have undone.