fourteen cleaning crimson from carpets of cream
before that it’s seen


school tie tied too tight
i’m afraid it’s frayed and has dropped my weight


cough, choke press your hands on your throat
you broke your nose when your noose broke loose
how quickly caught that i have been
within the life i’ve failed to leave


tragic how common this want to rot
could it be symptomatic of an ancient mechanic
people evolved for a vastly different time
before we tamed our fasts with an inquisitive mind


move on i’m no good
what do i contribute
cut the fat from your backs
where do i exactly fit
does the group benefit if i quit
and cease to exist


solicit illness from excess
mental wellness and heath
the antithesis of success
in praise of idleness


the true altruists gift
to spit the wrist
self sacrifice
a common drive it is rife
with science sustenance in sustained in abundance
how do i find a pride i’m still alive