Animals Acoustic Album + Animals 10 Year Anniversary Tour

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Animals, we got busy with our old friend Stu Smith and re-worked the original album tracks. We'll be playing the entire original Animals album on some dates on the US East Coast this October, of course with Hank featuring too (see 'tours').

Pre-orders for the album are up now!

 - 12" Translucent Green Vinyl with Digital Download Card included!
   (Trans Green Pressing limited to 500 in Europe and 500 in USA)

 - Release date 5th October.

US PEEPS, you might want to grab it from our hellomerch store and save on postage:


EU/UK Tour next week!

We're off on tour round the EU/UK starting next week. All ticket links are on the 'tours' section.

Any merch orders will be processed on May 2nd so there may be a little wait.

Hope to see you there!


Hong Kong Update

We are delighted and relieved to announce that the pending legal charges made by the Hong Kong Authorities against TTNG & Mylets have been dropped and no further action is to be taken.

The bands would like to say an enormous and sincere thank you to all of our fans for your incredible support both moral and financial over this difficult period.

We’ll be announcing some tour dates soon.

Happy 2018!
Chris, Tim & Hank




Chris, Tim & Hank


We would like to thank everyone for their continued help and support so far. We are truly grateful for the compassion and understanding that you have shown us.

Our bail has now been extended to July 17th. The money which was kindly donated through our Go Fund Me page was used to book flights to Hong Kong for June 5th. The airline is allowing us to amend the date of our existing flights, but sadly this has added unforeseen extra costs due to increased ticket prices and change fees.

If you would like more information and context about what’s going on or feel that you can help out in any way, please take a look at the following links:…/hidden_agenda_arrests_news_covera…/

Many thanks and best wishes, 
Chris, Tim, Hank & Henry

我們的保釋期將會延長至七月十七日,在Go Fund Me的專頁上所籌得的款項已用於購買六月五日前往香港的機票。


Chris, Tim, Hank & Henry

Please help!

Any help at all would be hugely appreciated! 

Thank you! 🙏

我們是來自英國的 TTNG 和美國的 Mylets。



TTNG & Mylets

 We'll be on tour in Asia next week. Please note any merch orders will not be processed until around the 15th May. Thanks x

We'll be on tour in Asia next week. Please note any merch orders will not be processed until around the 15th May. Thanks x