I'm in love!

are the 3 words I hope to hear next year.
Another place another time another twinkle in eyes
caught between awkward glances
in crowded social scenes, another breeding ground for apathy
to tire me into indifference.

Now that I'm numb
to places I had run from.
Know when you're wrong
it's cos you're fallible just like everyone.

Just stuck between a lampshade and the drunk.
Sentenced to an evening as the party entertainment's prop.
Oh but it's only you that I am thinking of.
Please return to me, cos it's so…

So hard to take that I might break.
I'm discovering that there's so much to consider worthwhile,
but most of all I've learned to hate that I'm still stuck on you.

If time has taught us this much,
it's that honesty is the cornerstone of trust.
Well to tell the truth I'm tired of watching clocks,
waiting for endings of evenings that never seem to stop. Enough!

In short I've come
back to the places I had run from.
You saw it all
fall to pieces, now it's so…