as you stare down at your hands
this what you are:


never to understand
itself or surround


so tuck yourself in the folds of your clothes
don’t put your feet where your mouth once was
keep a critical mind from the prying eyes
of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde
is man kind? or does he lie
in defence of the most spiteful pride


aren’t we civilised
that we decide to divide
each other lives into sides
in wars few survive


if it was the end would we know it by now?
what could we do to find out?
other than stare up and wait for death to fall out the cloud


all moral objection is treason as fears keep rations on reason
human beings: what little humanity found


i resign
nice try
can’t leave yourself behind


staring back down at your hands
this is who you are, you’re man
best assimilate with the clan
and do all you can not to stand out