Another night with my friends that I'm starting to regret
Another drink and I'm anyones, smoke fills the air.
Walking back to the bar I catch a glimpse of a face that I recognise.
It's not long before she carries me away to the dance floor,
To 'get down with my bad-self' and hold her in my arms.

Only then do I see that we're destined for failure
Cos the shapes that she makes are like pen down to paper
and the lines that she draws are like maps
to my heart.

So long this night.
It's not quite our time.
Now there's nothing left to say,
Just goodnight.

Walking out to the street my head swims through seas
and we start the float back home.
Catching feet on the cracks in the pavement,
We sing the songs that made our evening,
But a thousand sickly sweet love songs are a shadow on the spark you've ignited in me.

See you're not for these blue eyes turned an envious green.
You were made for a man much better than me.
If I believe this or not is irrelevant,
It's clear to me now that we were never meant to be.