how i died by the living man
time passed and so did i
a frog in the throat,
the feelings of the sleeves in an ill-fitting coat:
i am nothing of note


i’m just fine
most the time
i’ll get by


thoughts never teethed
by the unconceived
how bleak
sleep so unsound in this self-imposed cell
oh well
decorate floors/flaws with fabric
dug too deep to break a habit
berried in a burrow on borrowed time
this hole on the whole is mine


i’m just fine
most the time
i’ll get by
i’ll survive


i’ve been losing the taste for living
biting my tongue
now it’s bleeding
biding my time
just to give in


laying awake for days
changing the sheets on my grave


re-pointing the paths i’ve paved
re-living mistakes i’ve made